Company Profile

METAL KOTING's mission is to develop and produce custom, prefinished coil-coated products of the highest quality, while providing superior customer service, continuous innovation and product improvements that yield better solutions which meet or exceed the evolving needs and expectations of our customers.

Technological Leadership

METAL KOTING is a recognized leader in developing unique coated metal products in concert with international suppliers. Driven by product innovation and continuous pursuit of customer service excellence, our industry leadership has evolved to encompass leading-edge technologies in coil printing, painting, lamination and adhesives.

Continuous Improvement

In turn, this commitment drives our initiatives for continuous improvement in both our equipment and process capabilities. Consequently, METAL KOTING's solutions are widely known to deliver ideal solutions in a broad array of industrial applications and installations.

Quality Policy

Continuous Colour Coat Limited is committed to maintaining a leadership role as a manufacturer of specialty coated metal for customers in a range of industries. Superior levels of product quality and customer service is accomplished through the involvement and dedication of all employees, review of quality objectives, and continual enhancements to quality system effectiveness. Our commitment to meeting customer, internal and regulatory requirements is reflected in the registration of our quality management system to internationally recognized standards.

As an industry-leading producer of high quality, custom coil-coated metal products for more than 45 years, METAL KOTING (Continuous Colour Coat Limited) focuses on developing and producing specialty coating systems for flat rolled metal substrates, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Geographically, METAL KOTING's production facilities are centrally located to effectively service all major North American manufacturing regions, as well as European markets. In addition to our prefinishing capabilities, METAL KOTING also owns and operates Canada's only electrogalvanizing line.